How to reach

Airport Security

Most tourists coming to Israel undergo security check either by El-Al (Israeli aviation company) during the incoming flight, or upon arrival at Ben-Gurion airport. At times, the check may be intrusive and unpleasant. We apologize in advance for possible inconvenience and hope you will be tolerant toward the security personnel. It is most important that you bring in with you to the incoming flight our letter of invitation to the conference, and also the link to the conference’s site and to your panel, which may help in saving time.

Please kindly notice that outgoing flight will also be accompanied by security check, which may take considerably longer time than checks in most European airports. Please arrive at the airport at least 2.5 hours before your flight!

Transportation to Jerusalem

The ride to Jerusalem should take approximately 45 minutes. There are a number of transportation options available:

By Bus

There is a 24 hours bus service (except between Friday at 14:00 and Saturday at 19:00). The bus line 485 leaves every round hour from the airport to the central bus station in Jerusalem (and back). The ride costs 16 ILS one way.

By Shuttle

The most convenient transportation to Jerusalem is by the Nesher shuttle taxi. The shuttle station is located just outside the arrival hall on the G level, to the right of the exit. Shuttles depart when they are full (each carries 10 passengers), and the waiting time is usually around 20-25 minutes. The shuttle will bring you directly to your hotel or other destination of your choice. The price is app. 64 ILS. There is no need for reservation in advance.

By Private Taxi

When you exit the arrival hall, G level, turn left to find the private taxis. Be sure to
take a cab that has a yellow lit-up sign on the roof with a taxi license number on it. The estimated cost for travel to Jerusalem is approximately 300 ILS.


If you take the bus, payment will be accepted in ILS currency only, therefore changing money at the airport before departure for Jerusalem or using one of the ATM machines located at the terminal is strongly recommended. The shuttle or taxi drivers sometimes accept European/US currency but please do not expect the driver to have the change.

Important! Guests who arrive at the Maiersdorf Faculty Club at night will have to tell the driver that there is a special gate there. In case the driver does not know how to enter, let him call the Faculty Club at 02-5819266 and they will explain him. During the daytime the entrance is via the parking of the Humanities Faculty, at Mt. Scopus campus.

Transportation to Mount Scopus

Mount Scopus is located just near the French Hill (HaGiva’a HaTzarfatit) neighborhood.

By Bus

You could use the following lines in order to get to Mount Scopus: 68, 53, 42, 34, 34x, 19, 19x, 17. Lines number 48 and 48x are arriving till the main gate of the Hebrew University. All of those buses are operated by Egged bus company.

By Private Taxi

You could easily get to Mount Scopus by ordering a private taxi cab using the Get Taxi (Gett) App.


Directions to Hotel

Please click on hotel names to visit their websites.

Dan hotel Jerusalem

Address: Lehi St 32, Jerusalem

Phone: +972 2-533-1234

The Maiersdorf Faculty Club

Address: Hebrew University, Mount Scopus Jerusalem, 9190501

Phone: +972-(0)2-581-9266 | +972-(0)2-588-2244

The City Center Hotel

Address: 17 King George St. Jerusalem 9426102

Phone: +972-2-6509494